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Molecular hydrogen increases resilience to stress in mice

  • Time:2017年
  • Journal:Scientific Reports
  • Disease Model:Depression, anxiety
  • Corresponding Author:Qiang Gao, Han Song, Xiao-ting Wang Ying Liang, Yan-jie Xi, Yuan Gao, Qing-jun Guo, Tyler LeBaron, Yi-xianLuo, Shuang-cheng Li, XiYin, Hai-shui Shi, Yu-xia Ma
  • Corresponding Unit:Scintific Reports
  • Experimental Subject:Mice
  • Way of Hydrogen Administration:Hydrogen inhalation
  • Dosage:67% H2- 33%O2 mixture inhalation
  • Duration:3h
Main Result

Inhalation of hydrogen gas in adolescence significantly increased the resilience to acute stress in early adulthood, which illustrates the long-lasting effects of hydrogen on stress resilience in mice. This was likely mediated by inhibiting the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and inflammatory responses to stress. These results warrant further exploration for developing molecular hydrogen as a novel strategy to prevent the occurrence of stress-related disorders.